About Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire’s passion for cooking was instilled early in her childhood years while watching her parents and grandparents prepare elaborate feasts for family gatherings.

Cooking turned into a “serious” hobby when she, as a young adult, started her own culinary herb garden, and completed a Haute Cuisine Certificate at George Brown College School of Hospitality in Toronto. She became a “natur-ian” foodie focusing on nourishment for wellness with plant food and flavours from the Mediterranean and Asian regions.

Marie-Claire has known since childhood that she is most comfortable in the classroom as a life-long student and a teacher. As a school teacher, she conducted regular meal preparation projects with her grade 1 students. She feels that one is never too young to learn about real food and cooking skills … and that playing with food is fun and empowering.

In late 1990s, a family crisis shattered her world and forced her to embark on a transformational healing journey that led her to answer a second calling in holistic health. She resigned from teaching and concentrated on personal growth, healing arts, and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

She has since added more passions to cooking and teaching. She is a Registered Natural Health Practitioner, a Certified Aromatherapist, a Certified Reflexologist, a Reiki Master, a Brain Gym® consultant, and a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner who, since 1998, runs a home-based practice, “Mind Your Body and Spirit, from aura to core”. With her focus on wellness, nutrition, and energy balancing, she guides her clients to carve some time-out from their busy schedules to self-nurture, and reach a greater sense of relaxation, happiness and wellness.

Healthy cooking is one of her many passions. She is a Mediter-asian foodie, and a home chef who authored and published two books on nourishment for wellness in her Collection Olives to Lychees, Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine. Following the Paleo cooking and eating diet and showcasing fresh produce and the best flavours of the world, she guides her readers on how to resolve health and weight issues and create home spa care rituals that nourish body, mind, and spirit.

When she is not busy with clients, she cooks healthy gourmet foods, entertains, travels with her husband Philip, writes, and teaches on wellness and nourishment. She is currently training to become a Registered Polarity Educator. With Philip, she divides her time between Toronto and Cobourg, Canada.

Marie-Claire’s Mission/Vision

Teacher, Home Chef, Foodie, Holistic Health Practitioner

My Mission

  • To provide a nurturing sacred space where learning, healing and re-creating are part of one’s personal growth and wellness potential.
  • To promote Nourishment for Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

My Vision

To help transform the health and lives of 500,000 people:

  • By showing them how to cook and eat clean, delicious, nourishing and wholesome foods made with fresh produce, quality protein, and awesome Mediter-asian flavours.
  • By inspiring people to start and maintain a regular spa care ritual to deal with daily stresses, and feel great.
  • By promoting health-building nourishment that allows people to regain wellness so they can focus on living their life purpose and realize the possibilities to transform the world into a better place.

As a nation, we need to move from being overfed and ill to feeling nourished, satisfied and thriving.