Welcome to my Blog!

I am thrilled that you are visiting my blog about my nourishment books today!

My name is Marie-Claire Bourgeois, wellness guide, holistic health practitioner, nourishment foodie and speaker. I am also the author of Olives to Lychees; Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine, Volumes 1 and 2. This 2-book project reflects my previous experience with health challenges, and my everlasting passion for deliciously nourishing food that make you feel and look great.

I see this blog as my way to interact with you and post on some health and wellness topics based on my books, my training and holistic practice experience such as whole body nourishment and “clean” recipes.

Until we meet, this is where I hope to get to know you as much as you will get to know me. Tell me:
• Have you got a copy of either volume of Olives to Lychees?
• Do they resonate with you?
• What questions do you have for me?

I invite you to make as many return-visits to this space as you want, and share your questions and comments as they arise. Look for my feedback and new posts.

Until your next visit, what would you like me to know about yourself?