In the Collection of Paleo-style wellness recipes Olives to Lychees Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine, Volumes 1 and 2,  you will find:

Flavourful Paleo recipes created with lots of fruits and vegetables, organic meats and eggs, nuts and seeds, and good-quality oils. A few recipes contain optional dairy. There are no processed foods or “offenders” like corn, peanuts, soy, grains, refined sugar, wheat, yeast or gluten. Most dishes can easily be put together in 15 to 45 minutes.


Imagine being in a peaceful environment that invites you to focus on your authentic self, your needs and your wishes, away from stressful distractions and concerns. Imagine a place where you can “retreat” and take time out to enjoy a calming mini-vacation where body and mind gradually shift from feeling “heavy and cluttered” to “light and clear.”

In Volume 1

The Art and the Pleasure of Eating Well, I show you:

  1. WHY it is important, more than ever,
  • To learn how to cook, if your skills are “under-developed”;
  • To plan to cook spa food  from scratch more often, using basic ingredients as nourishment powerhouses;
  • To know what to eat and how to eat by adopting a “fresher” approach towards food, nutrition and nourishment with my Paleo Nourishment and Lifestyle Plan to resolve and even prevent health issues.
  1. HOW you can make the Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine a part of your lifestyle to experience the Art and the Pleasure of Eating Well.

In Volume 2

I focus on the Art of Feeling Well to deal with life’s stressful challenges. You will learn:

  • WHY creating a spa experience at home is important for your relaxation, stress management and wellness;
  • HOW to nourish and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit by balancing your elements earth, water, fire, air, ether;
  • HOW to develop your own Spa Care Ritual to get things moving when you feel S.T.U.C.K. (Stressed, Tired, Unwell or Upset, Cranky, Knocked down) using a few simple techniques and recipes to craft your own Mediterranean and Asian-inspired body care products;
  • HOW easy it is to create your own Spa Cuisine to keep you hydrated and well-nourished;
  • HOW your Spa Cuisine can support your healthy lifestyle and the Art of Feeling Well during your pampering ritual and every day after.

Who are the books for?

These books were created for:

  • The allergy sufferers  who are sensitive to gluten, grains and dairy .
  • The many people who are experiencing weight and health issues  (i.e., inexplicable pains, low energy, etc.) who want to regain their health and improve the quality of their lives;
  • The lucky, healthy individuals who want to remain healthy.
  • The health-conscious foodies who love to cook and eat great flavourful foods from around the world .
  • The people who don’t know how to cook, don’t cook much and would like to learn how to develop this important life skill and have fun preparing delicious and nourishing meals.

Healthy cooking and eating are important components of a long, happy and vibrant life. I invite you to get your copies of the books, to get back in the kitchen and cook easy and delicious food for yourself,  your family and your friends. You all deserve to eat great food from Mother Nature and to be vibrantly healthy.