Many people are experiencing weight and health issues that are often caused by the type of food eaten. The healthy gluten-free, dairy-free and grain-free movenent is gaining momentum as many allergy suffers and individuals experiencing health issues see it as a necessity and a desired lifestyle, as well as the most natural and logical answer .

“It is all about being who you are meant to be.”

As a nation, we need to move from being overfed and ill to feeling nourished, satisfied and thriving.

More than ever, to regain and maintain optimal health and wellness, we all need to spend more time in the kitchen cooking most of our meals with wholesum foods.

I created the Collection of healthy Paleo recipes Olives to Lychees, Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine,

Volumes 1 and 2

to share wellness and nutrition tips as well as easy,  delicious and  clean  recipes based on food from Mother Nature to facilitate and support a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

“Allow Mother Nature to inspire your dinner and nourish YOU!”