Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine Volume 2

Olives to Lychees: Everyday Mediter-asian Spa Cuisine Volume 2

Imagine being in a peaceful environment that invites you to focus on your authentic self, your needs and your wishes, away from stressful distractions and concerns.

Imagine a place where you can “retreat” and take time out to enjoy a calming mini-vacation where body and mind gradually shift from feeling “heavy and cluttered” to “light and clear.”

Imagine this blissful time out allowing you to nurture, nourish and replenish the whole you—mind, body, spirit—so you can re-enter your world of regular activities with renewed energy.

Wouldn’t that feel like heaven?

This volume of the Olives to Lychees collection focuses on the Art of Feeling Well to help you manage life’s stressful challenges. It invites you to take time to relax, to de-stress and to pamper yourself regularly so you feel rejuvenated, happier, and more vibrant.

You will learn:

Why creating a home spa experience is important for relaxation, stress management and health building;
How to nourish and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit by balancing your elements;
How to develop your Spa Care Ritual with the 5 Rs: Rest, Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate, and Re-create to get things moving when you feel S.T.U.C.K., using relaxing and health-building therapies, as well as recipes to craft your own Mediter-asian botanical care products;
How easy it is to create your own Spa Cuisine to remain hydrated and well-nourished, and how it can support your healthy lifestyle and the Art of Feeling Well during your pampering ritual and every day after.

Discover how to create your relaxing home spa experience with healing therapies and clean spa cuisine to soothe, nourish and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit!