“I am extremely amazed with the nutritious, creative dishes that you made.
It is healthy food full of prana (life force). I love it!”
About the Papillotes de saumon dish: “The salmon was exquisite!”

“Heavenly profound palate sensation!
I feel fit, fabulous, healthy and joyful.
The food is a colourful array bursting with succulent flavours.
My taste buds are tantalized! Gluten-free tastes amazing!”

How do you feel after eating the fresh, clean food featured in the O2L books?
“Exactly what my body needs! My body is saying Thank you!
About the Salade niçoise dish: “The colours and the tastes: very, very good!”

“Light, fresh, flavourful!”
About the Mixed Olives dish: “I loved the fresh olives and the blend.
It was the first time I’ve ever had fresh olives!”

I almost had a spontaneous orgasm … bloodshot eyes, it was mind blowing!”
About the Spanish Shrimp dish: “The dish tasted tangy upfront and business at the back: spicy. Fantastic!”

“The most exquisite meal I have EVER eaten!
Exquisite food. The food is very filling, you don’t need large quantities …
less is more.”
About the Greek appetizer of feta and grapes:
“My favorite; I’ve never tasted anything like this!”
About the Indian Tandoori Chicken with Mango Chutney & Raita
“My taste buds have come alive. Will you marry me?”

“A great experience! Treated like we were at the Royal York!
I enjoyed the Art of Eating Well.”
About the Italian Panna Cotta dish: “It tastes like a mix of ice cream and yogurt but lighter.”
About the Vietnamese Pineapple dish: “The best pineapple ever.”

“An extraordinary tasty experience!”
About the Salmon Mousse dish: “The taste and texture are excellent!”
About the Moroccan Roasted Pepper dish: “Just the perfect hint of hotness.”